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Varicose & Spider Vein Treatment in Chicago

Advanced Vein & Laser Centre is recognized as one of the premier vein clinics in the Greater Chicago area. Our clinic has the best varicose and spider vein removal Chicago has to offer and we pride ourselves on the care and comfort that accompanies the treatment you will receive. Healthy leg veins are not simply a cosmetic issue, but an essential part of your overall well-being. The risks involved with leaving varicose veins untreated include blood clot conditions (such as phlebitis and deep vein thrombosis), hyperpigmentation and ulcerations (open sores) on the skin. Consult with our vascular doctor to learn more about the vein treatment that is right for you. Under the guidance of industry-leading vascular doctor, Dr. Richard Rosenfeld, our state of the art, minimally invasive, laser vein treatments for varicose and spider vein removal can quickly and safely resolve the leg pain and embarrassment from unsightly vein discoloration that plagues our patients. The treatment options offered at Advanced Vein & Laser Centre provide varicose and spider vein removal procedures that are non-invasive, and require little to no recovery time. With the evaluation and treatment methods utilized by our specialized doctor, spider and varicose veins can be treated at a level of effectiveness and safety previously unattainable. Some of the procedures performed at our clinic include sclerotherapy, Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), and Endovenous Chemical Ablation (EVCA), as well as patented technologies like the VeinViewer® Imaging System, and VeinGogh® Ohmic Thermolysis System. Through technology, innovation, and experience, we will provide you with the best care possible without the need for painful surgery. Advanced Vein & Laser Centre, under the direction of Chicago’s top vein doctor, Dr. Richard Rosenfeld, is located in Libertyville, IL. Our laser vein treatment clinic welcomes and serves all residents from the surrounding communities of Lake Bluff, Vernon Hills, Gurnee, Grayslake, Lake Forest, Round Lake, Mundelein, and Chicago, IL. We promise "cutting edge technology, without cutting."