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Varicose Vein Treatment in Libertyville, IL

What is Venous Disease?

Chronic venous disease is a common disorder that affects the veins in legs. Conditions range from mild and cosmetic to serious and complex, and include spider veins, varicose veins, skin ulcers, and intense leg pain. The Mundelein vein doctor at Advanced Vain and Laser can help. Our experts use advanced, effective, minimally-invasive procedures to treat venous insufficiencies and help our patients achieve a higher quality of life.

Under the guidance of renowned physician Dr. Richard Rosenfeld, Advanced Vein and Laser Centre has become recognized as a leading vein clinic in Mundelein and all of Greater Chicago. Our specialists use the power of lasers to provide quick, comprehensive, painless solutions that will have you back in the swing of things in just 24 hours.

If you are suffering with varicose veins, spider veins, or other venous disorders, here’s why you should choose Advance Vein and Laser Centre:

  • Experience: Dr. Rosenfeld has been treating patients with varicose veins for 18 years and has performed thousands of non-invasive vein treatments, including EVLT (endovenous laser treatment)
  • Expert Diagnosis: Our vein doctors are thorough, professional, and work with patients to accurately review symptoms and determine the best treatments to treat the underlying health issue, as well as cosmetic concerns
  • Trusted Leaders: Dr. Rosenfeld regularly trains other physicians and vein doctors, and has published several respected articles on the treatment of varicose veins
  • Innovative Technology: Advanced Vein and Laser Centre offers procedures that treat the underlying causes of venous insufficiencies, such as EVLT, sclerotherapy, and surface laser treatments; these non-invasive procedures work so effectively, many patients notice drastic improvements in appearance and pain after just one visit
  • Treating the Complex and the Cosmetic: Our medically certified, highly trained vein doctors successfully treat a wide variety of venous diseases and circulatory issues to help patients look and feel their absolute best

For treatments that are cutting-edge without cutting, please contact Advanced Vein and Laser Centre today. Call 847. 367. 4040 or Contact Us Online to speak with a vein doctor at Mundelein’s leading vein clinic

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Runners Using Compression Stockings

On tracks and trails across the country, runners are not only racing in compression socks, but relaxing and recovering in them, too. To understand the benefits of compression socks outside the realm of treating varicose veins, the Round Lake vein doctor at Advanced Vein and Laser Centre have compiled some helpful facts about runners using this type of stocking.

Compression Socks and the Circulatory System:

Blood is pumped through your body via a closed network of veins and arteries. When blood makes its way down to your legs, your calf muscle must pump hard to move it back up to your heart. Whether you are standing, walking, or running, your calf muscle is working against the force of gravity to keep blood moving upwards.

Compression socks improve blood flow, help the muscle pump more effectively, and prevent blood from pooling in your legs. These stockings have long been used to help with surgery recovery, reduce leg swelling, and to treat spider veins and varicose veins.

After a Run:

There is growing evidence that compression socks help reduce muscle pain and swelling post-run. After a race, your legs are sore for many reasons: micro trauma in muscle fibers, lactic acid build-up, electrolyte depletion, and the release of inflammatory chemicals. Compression stockings reduce myofibril muscle trauma and improve the calf muscle’s pumping capacity, which eliminates the accumulated lactic acid and inflammatory chemicals.

During a Run:

The benefits of compression socks during a race are less clear. While they are widely prescribed by vein doctors to treat the swelling, inflammation, and leg pain associated with venous insufficiencies, their effect on such symptoms during an active event are not well-documented. Athletes with varicose or spider veins should wear compression stockings during events to prevent further vein damage.

Whether you are a runner or simply suffer from leg pain in the Round Lake area, the vein doctor at Advanced Vein and Laser Centre can help. We use trusted and proven procedures to treat and prevent spider veins, varicose veins, and other circulatory problems. Contact Us Online or call 847. 367. 4040 to set up a consultation at the premier vein clinic in Round Lake.

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Using Herbal Supplements to Improve Circulation

Improving your circulation can dramatically affect how you feel and function on a daily basis. Poor circulation leads to decreased brain function, heart problems, leg pain and/or numbness, spider veins, fatigue and more. Herbs have long been known to improve circulation and increase the delivery and absorption of nutrients throughout your body. If you have circulatory issues such as varicose veins in the Lincolnshire area, consider incorporating the following supplements into your regimen:

  1. Butcher’s Broom – This herb works synergistically with Vitamin C or other bioflavonoids to treat spider veins and other chronic venous insufficiencies. While it is not recommended if you have high blood pressure, there are no significant side effects.
  2. Cayenne – This mild form of chili pepper stimulates the heart, improves circulation, and increases your body’s metabolic rate, which could assist in weight loss. It is available in many combinations that work to treat a wide variety of specific health problems.
  3. Horse Chestnut – Improves leg vein circulation and reduces swelling in legs, making it an ideal supplement if you sit or stand still for long periods of time. Horse Chestnut is available in herbal supplement form and is safe to combine with other natural herbs.

Vitamins C, E, and the B vitamin group also improve circulation by neutralizing free radicals, promoting the toning of blood vessels, and assisting with blood reformation, respectively. It is best to consult a doctor before introducing any unknown supplement into your diet, especially if you are taking prescription medicines.

To discuss herbal supplements, circulation, leg pain and more with a vein doctor in the Lincolnshire area, please schedule an appointment at Advanced Vein and Laser Centre. We can determine the right treatments and preventative measures for your vein problems so you can enjoy each day to its fullest. Call 847.367.4040 or Contact Us Online to speak with a specialist at the leading vein clinic in Lincolnshire.

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